Welcome to Elderlaw.com.au

Welcome to Elderlaw.com.au which aims to inform and assist those of us in the Australian community who are elders or whose parents, close relatives, friends, siblings or neighbours are elders and who have an elder law problem.

The materials offered here are designed to help people who, or whose close family and friends:

  • experiencing intergenerational conflict concerning their property and finances;
  • are entering residential aged care accommodation;
  • need to plan ahead and are considering advance care directives or other forms of authority delegation;
  • are concerned about their will or challenging a will;
  • need to understand some of the financial issues such as pensions and benefits;
  • going through family conflict over capacity, guardianship and property administration issues;
  • are experiencing some other legal problem connected with ageing.

If you can't find some help for your elder law problem, contact us, or call the Freecall telephone 1800 ELDER1 (1800 353 371).